Alimony by Mutual Divorce

From the free consent granted to the parties to begin the relationship as spouses to mutual permission to separate as strangers, consent plays a crucial role in all stages of marriage. Mutual divorce and even alimony facilitate the formal separation procedure. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis, and Jews are the five major communities in our culture. Each group has its own set of personal rules based on religious texts, customs, and traditions. As a result, the grounds for divorce and alimony for a Hindu woman may differ from community to community. An...

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Dowry Cases in India: A Legal Study

Marriages, indeed, formed in paradise, but the mother-in-law, sister-in-law, husband, and other relatives are actively involved in the dissolution of marriage for the thirst of dowry. Dowry death, murder-suicide, and bride burning are indicators of a strange social sickness and an awful dowry cases trend in our culture. Since it is practised by practically every sector of society, regardless of religion, caste, or creed, India has experienced the dark ills of the dowry system in a more intense form in almost all sections of the nation during the previou...

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Final Appeal: Civil law in India- A Check To Lower Court’s Ruling

There is no concept of appeal in the code of civil procedure, but there is no doubt that any request to an appeal court by a party seeking to set aside or overturn a lower court's ruling is an appeal. An appeal in its true sense gets defined as the complaint to a superior court for an injustice done or error committed by a lower court. In this case, the former is asked to correct or overturn a ruling or a decision. So, to have the lower court's decree reversed is a Statutory Remedy. Grounds of an Appeal The following grounds may get used to filing a...

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Court Laws

Car Crash and Provisions in Indian Penal Code for Accident

With more motor vehicles in India over the last several years, there has been a steep increase in road accidents. Road injuries and fatalities in a car crash have become a major public issue because it is one of the leading causes of mortality and permanent disability. This article provides a basic overview of accidents due to car crashes and the Indian Penal Code's provisions for them. It discusses the inadequacies in the punishing conditions of the parts of the act and, finally, underlines the critical need for change and provides solutions for the sa...

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