Shop & Establishment Registration Delhi- The backbone of commercial establishments

Purchasing has always been an integral aspect of a human being's life. From clothes to grocery shopping, these businesses benefit and create a rush of excitement. However, understanding how we attain our happiness has its set of rules based on its functions. The Delhi Shops and Establishments Act is followed in Delhi. Shops and Establishments Act In general, all businesses must follow the guidelines and rules provided by the Weekly holiday act, 1942. When focusing on the intricacies of how corporate establishments function, the following statute diffe...

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Road Transport in India: Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

Railways, roadways, airways, and waterways are modes of transportation of goods from one place to another. Transportation of goods and people plays a crucial role in defining a country's development. The transport system acts as a base for any setting's economic structure. Therefore, transportation aids in the following:Developing the arenas of trade, commerce, and industry Mitigating immobility Discarding regional discrepanciesAs the most used mode of transport in India, the roadways play an essential hand in the country's growth. Road t...

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Juvenile Justice Act 2015 Regulating Juvenile Detention

Preparators committing crimes should be duly punished in accordance to the severity of their crimes to set precedence and deter other people from committing crime. The criminal justice system punishes offenders above 18 years for their crimes, whereas the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 focuses on offenders between 16 and 18. The sole purpose of the act is not to impose punishments but to rehabilitate minor convicts for the grave crimes they commit. The act considers the fact that individuals aged 16 to 18 unaware of the severity of their crime, naive, and la...

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