Road Transport in India- Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

Railways, roadways, airways and waterways, not to forget pipelines, how goods get transported from one place to another is known as transportation. Transportation serves as one of the main factors in defining a country's development, the transport system acts as a base for any setting's economic structure. So, Transportation aids in :Developing the arenas of trade, commerce and industry Removing the idea of immobility Discarding regional discrepanciesTermed as the most used mode of transport in the land of Gandhi, the roadways play an essential...

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Juvenile Justice Act 2015- Regulating juvenile detention

Punishments for crimes committed by anyone should be proper and accurate so that it not get repeated. While the criminal justice system punishes offenders above 18 years for their crimes, the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 works for offenders between 16 and 18. The act's sole purpose is not to impose punishments but to rehabilitate minor convicts for the grave crimes they execute. It especially gets done with the idea that criminals aged between 16 to 18 are victims of unawareness, naivety and lack of judgement; hence, to guide them in a proper direction bef...

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