6 Ways to Save Environment

The environment is critical to a healthy life and the survival of life on Earth. The Earth is a home for various living creatures, and we are all dependent on it for food, air, water, and other necessities. As a result, each person must save and preserve our environment. So here are a few simple ways of implementing which can save environment and claim our share of a healthy and beautiful environment.

  1. Save Water to Save Environment

    Water is getting wasted at a far higher rate than we realise. The less water you consume, the less garbage and runoff water will fall into the sea. Consider all of the times you use water, both in and out of your home, and make any necessary changes like reducing water use while showering, brushing and even washing clothes and vegetables. We can also use wastewater after water purification for several purposes.

  2. Save Electricity to Save Environment

    This strategy of environmental protection is appealing to us! Any moment you could use less electricity, you’re helping the environment. Use energy-saving light bulbs rather than standard bulbs. Make you switch off lights, TVs, and other devices when not in use. Reduce the temperature of your air conditioner or heater when it is not essential.

  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Reduce the amount of waste you generate. Preserve natural supplies and landfill space by following the three “R’s.” Recycling is such an easy thing to do, yet so many people fail to do it. Simply by disposing of that Coke can in a separate bin, you can prevent pollution. If you have to pick between two products, go with the one with the minimum amount of packaging. If a 9,000-person office building recycled all of its office waste paper for a year, it would be equal to removing nearly 400 cars from the road.

  4. Use Reusable bags as much as possible.

    Discarded Plastic shopping bags end up in landfills or other sections of the environment, and they can suffocate animals that become entangled in them or mistake them for food. It also takes time for the bags to disintegrate. When shopping for food, clothing, or books, use a reusable bag. It is helpful to save the environment as it reduces litter and keeps animals from getting into their hands of them.

  5. Avoid using cars or carpool whenever necessary.

    Cars are environmentally hazardous, and taking local transport, walking, or riding a bicycle are all good options for the environment. Carpooling can be a perfect idea for reducing greenhouse gas emissions if adopted on a broad scale; by adopting this concept, greenhouse gas emissions can decrease by an average of 721 kilograms every year.

  6. Plant more trees

    More tree planting is an excellent way to contribute to save environment. So, it’s good to plant trees in as many places as possible, such as around your home, in fields, and in public spaces. Trees are machines that do not require fuel to filter filthy air. It took about 6 months to care for a tree, after which it will labour for free, converting Carbon dioxide to oxygen for the rest of your life.


Healthy ecosystems clean our water, filter our air, keep our soil in good condition, moderate the climate, enrich the soil, and provide food. They supply primary ingredients and supplies for pharmaceuticals and other uses. They are the cornerstone of all civilisations and the lifeblood of our economies. Our environment shelters and promotes the growth and well-being of our ecosystem. We jeopardise the lives of many creatures, vegetation, and harvests, as well as our own if we do not protect and care for and save the environment.

FAQs on Save Environment

What should be done to papers, glasses and plastic items after use?

We should recycle papers, glasses and plastic items after use.

Why should we not use aerosol sprays?

We should not use aerosol sprays as they cause air pollution.

What can be used to harness renewable sources of energy?

Technology can be used to harness the renewable source of energy.

Which 3 R’s can save the environment?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle