Why is registration of copyright essential?

Copyright registration safeguards authors’ creative works, such as music, books, manuscripts, software, films, fashion designs, and websites, from being duplicated and used for commercial purposes without their permission, resulting in significant financial loss.

Copyrights fight unauthorised copying or taking someone else’s work without paying for it. The copyright laws make it plain that no individual shall be entitled to Copyright or other comparable rights in any work, whether published or unpublished, unless the terms of the Act are followed. Copyright registration for creative works protects your work from being stolen or duplicated and offers you a legal guarantee over it.

Copyright registration provides your creative work legal status, converting it to Intellectual Property and granting you exclusive legal rights to it.

What are the works protected under copyright law?

  1. Apart from books, literary work includes computer programmes and databases.
  2. Songs, recorded dialogues, and other audio recordings are sound recordings.
  3. Films, Videos, and Cartoon Films are all examples of cinematograph films. It’s a good idea to include creative rights in the various agreements between parties right away.
  4. A painting, a sculpture, a drawing such as a map, chart, or diagram, an engraving, a photograph, architecture/artistic craftsmanship, and dramatic work are examples of artistic work.
  5. “musical work” refers to both staff notation and written music.

What is Copyright Registration’s Purpose?

The goal of copyright law is to encourage authors, musicians, and artists to produce unique works by giving them the sole right to generate them for the public good for a limited time. After the copyright term expires, the works become public domain, and anybody can recreate them without consent. The author’s sole right is a negative right, which means he or she has the right to prevent others from duplicating or reproducing their work.

Copyright, like patent rights, is a restriction that prevents the public from doing something that would be completely legal if it weren’t for the ownership. The monopoly is legal and just in and of itself. It prevents anyone from unfairly taking advantage of the labour of others, whether scientific, creative, or artistic.

All patent and copyright laws safeguard authors, whether they create inventions, works of art, or literary writings. The Acts are to get interpreted in light of this goal. On the other hand, extreme caution must get exercised to prevent them from being used as tools of oppression and extortion.

Under the Copyright Laws, what kind of copyright protection does copyright registration provide?

Registering your creation with the Registrar of Copyright Office is essentially an insurance policy for copyright protection. Without the author needing to do anything, copyright protection occurs immediately when the author fixes the work in a tangible form (for example, when a writer writes its novel).

Why would you need to register for copyright protection if your work is already protected?

The following are four primary reasons why you should file for copyright protection with the Registrar of Copyright Office:

  1. Copyright Registration creates a public record of your copyright and notifies the rest of the world that you have applied for and been granted copyright protection under the Copyright laws.
  2. You can’t sue someone for copyright infringement unless you’ve registered with the Registrar of Copyright Office for copyright protection.
  3. For any violation of a copyright in an unpublished work that occurs before the copyright registration forms are submitted, no statutory damages or attorneys costs will be awarded. Unless the copyright registration is made within three months of the initial publication, the same applies to published works.
  4. It gets considered Prima Facie Evidence in court if you register your work within five years of its creation. If you ever went to court, documentation of your copyright registration with the Registrar of Copyright Office would suffice as prima facie evidence of your ownership of the copyrighted works.

Documents required for copyright registration in India

The primary responsibility of the Copyright Registrar is to act as a guarantor of your Creative Ownership; hence, your creative work and certain signature-required documents, as well as a Notary Declaration in the case of sound recording and cinematography, are required.

Copyright restrictions for GetLegalindia.com

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  1. A person’s signature is authorised to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that purportedly gets infringed, either physically or electronically.
  2. If a single report covers numerous works, the identity of the copyrighted work alleged to get infringed, or a complete list of such works at that site.
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  4. GetLegalindia.com must be able to reach you as the complaining party. Therefore please include your address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  5. A declaration that you do have a good faith belief that the owner of the copyright, its agent, or the law does not authorise the content’s use in the way complained of.
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Please note that the copyright infringements are under Section 51 and 63 of The Copyright Act, 1957.

Counter Notifications

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  1. Your signature, whether physical or electronic
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